About Us

Krista and Alexa are two sisters raised by a fabulous grandmother called Mum Mum who taught them the value of investing in timeless, beautiful fashion.  The sisters grew up believing that the best wardrobes include iconic designer pieces from the past mixed with current fashion.  Armed with a passion for curating the perfect wardrobe, they opened Ella Rue in 2011.  

Krista and Alexa spent the first years becoming experts in authenticating, buying, and selling luxury consignment to clients all over the world.  Soon, Krista and Alexa noticed that Ella Rue clients wanted more than just incredible consignment finds, so the sisters sought out emerging, unique ready-to-wear lines to add to Ella Rue’s assortment.  Now, Ella Rue is a full-service consignment destination that strives to conserve and pair past designer pieces with current fashion to curate the perfect wardrobe.